Music is Family

I never really fit in. I mean, I wear a kilt and rock out to fiddles and bagpipes!

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Many people ask me why I am a musician. Some might not even bother to ask, assuming it’s for the “sex, drugs and Rock n Roll.” Well, I hate to break it to them, but I’m faithfully married and I’ve never liked to party. I guess they’re a third right though, because I do love to rock.

As you may know, I play music with my dad, John. This is why the band is named CLEGHORN – it’s our last name. I play the fiddle, bagpipes and digderidoo. My dad is the lead singer and guitarist. We wrote all the songs on our albums together. You see, music is more than a passion for me… it’s my family! My dad and I are best buds. We see every action/thriller/sci-fi/explosion movie in theaters together, we eat sushi together, heck, we even even drive out and leave old junk at the dump together.

I am really grateful for my relationship with my dad. We play a lot of festivals and more often than not families are sitting together in the crowd as we play. Quite often, dads come up and remind me just how special it is to be performing with my dad. Honestly, he taught me everything I know. With his love and vast experience, I would not be a professional musician today.

Yes, to me, music is family. But not just because of my relationship with my dad. Also because of my relationship with my fans. I know, I know, that sounds pretty cliché. I may not actually *know* you personally, but you have accepted me into your home and your life by listening to my music. My most sincere desire is to make music that changes people’s lives. I’ve been blessed to hear about many instances where my music really did just that.

Recently we played a festival in Austin. A couple came up to us after the show while we were at our merchandise tent. They asked to take a picture with us. And then they asked to show us a video. We huddled around their small phone screen and leaned down close to hear the sound from the tiny speaker. What we saw was a video of their wedding. What we heard was our song “9 Minutes of Woo” (an epic 9 minute fiddle jam on our album). Wow! They walked down the isle to our music at their wedding. What an awesome compliment to know that their love is strengthened by listening to our music!

Another story was told to us a couple of years back. A woman approached us and told us that she never really had a strong relationship with her father. But by chance, they were out together one weekend at a local music festival. They walked by the stage when CLEGHORN was playing. They both stopped, sat down, and watched the whole show. They both loved it! After that experience of sharing something in common, they began to do more things together. They would listen to our music as they drove in the car. Sadly, after about a year, her father passed away. At his funeral, she chose to play one of our songs to honor his memory. She told us that those moments they shared listening to our music were the happiest memories she has with her father. And that is how she will always remember him.

Yes, music really is family.

I never imagined I would be with you in your saddest and happiest moments. But it’s an honor I don’t take for granted. Thank you for your support. And thank you for making me part of your family.

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PS) If you’d like to listen to my epic fiddle tune, 9 Minutes of Woo, click here